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Wendy’s Massage

It had been a long day at the clinic for Nurse Wendy. Besides a full load of patients, she had to deal with the adjuster from the insurance company. She was really glad she had scheduled her monthly massage that afternoon.

When she arrived at the spa, Jeff greeted her. “Good afternoon, Wendy. You look like you’ve had a rough day.”

“Is it that obvious? I am so in need of your strong hands today.” Wendy replied.

“Go shower and I will get things ready for you. Classical or soft jazz, or ocean waves for background?” Jeff knew those were her favorite kinds of sounds to relax to.

“Ocean waves sound good today.” she answered. She stepped through the door and entered the women’s changing room. She changed and stepped into the private shower. She showered quickly, looking forward to the warm terry robe and the cold glass of white wine Jeff would have waiting for her.

Wendy spent about ten minutes in quiet contemplation while Jeff prepared the room. There was a knock on the door and she heard him say, “Come in and get comfortable under the sheet.

The room was about eight foot square, with warm earth tones on the walls and trim. The massage table was in the center of the room. Twenty or so lavender scented candles lit the room, filling the room with its relaxing scent. The sound of the seashore was emanated from speakers in every corner of the room.

Jeff had stepped out so Wendy removed her robe, hung it on a hook, and climbed up on the table. She covered her nude frame with the cotton sheet and rested her face in the donut-shaped headrest.

Jeff knocked on the door and entered the room. He asked if she was comfortable. Wendy indicated that she was. “Then let’s see how relaxed we can get you.” He folded the sheet back so her upper back was exposed. She felt warm sandalwood scented oil dribble across her shoulders.

Next, she felt Jeff’s strong hands rubbing across her back. First, the right shoulder was massaged and worked. Wendy felt herself sinking into the cushioned table, as the tension left her body. Jeff sensed that Wendy wanted to just drift off in her mind, so he made no effort at small talk. Her left shoulder received the same careful attention as the right.

Wendy could feel him move down working on the right side of her back. Between the relaxing scent of the candles, the soft wave sounds and Jeff’s firm hands; she could feel the stress of the day ebbing from her. She floated into a semiconscious state as he kneaded the left side of her back.

Then Wendy became aware of another sheet draped over her. Jeff then took her right arm and placed it on top of the sheet. His fingers danced across her muscles like the waves she could hear coming up on the shore. She felt her arm become limp and a contented purr escaped from her throat. Jeff covered that arm back up with the sheet and moved to the other side. Wendy’s left arm received the same attention that her right arm had been given.

The kneading and manipulating of her muscles had turned Wendy’s arms to Jell-O. She realized that Jeff had adjusted the sheets so that her buttocks were now uncovered. Warm oil was drizzled across her cheeks. As Jeff’s powerful hands began squeezing her cheeks; she could feel the oil reach her anus. It felt incredibly sensual. As his fingers probed her muscles, she couldn’t help but sigh and subconsciously spread her legs just a little.

Jeff recovered her buttocks, and moved down to her legs. Adjusting the sheets so her right leg was on the outside of the sheet, he began at her foot. Rubbing firmly, because he knew she was ticklish, he massaged the sole of her foot. After that, she felt his touch making long slow strokes on her calf.

Next, she experienced his hands kneading her right thigh. As he touched her inner thigh, it was hard not to spread herself open. She sensed that things were heating up down there; an unmistakable tingling signaled the starting of arousal that she couldn’t stop.

Jeff covered her right leg and exposed her left. Again, she enjoyed the same sensations, wondering if her building arousal was evident to her masseuse. If it was he had given no indication.

“Time to roll over,” Jeff whispered. He held the sheets so Wendy could turn to lie on her back. When she settled on her back, Jeff covered Wendy totally from her toes to just below her chin. Applying the warm oil to his fingers, Wendy received a soft, gentle facial massage.

After working on her face and neck, Jeff seemed to pause. “I usually stop here for most clients. But I sense that you want me to keep going. However, if you want me to stop at any time, just say ‘I’m done.’ I promise you will feel better after today than ever before.”

Intrigued by what he said, and finding herself becoming seriously aroused; Wendy said,” Yes please continue.” Wendy watched the sheet peeled back like taking the skin off a banana. She realized now she was exposed from the waist up.

The warm oil pooled between her breasts and Jeff smiled as Wendy’s nipples began to harden. She felt his fingers gently spread the oil across her breasts. As Jeff’s fingers massaged her right breast; Wendy couldn’t help but sigh. When he moved to her left breast, she stifled a moan. But there was no hiding her reaction when both nipples were rolled and gently pinched. “Ohhhh my….” she moaned.

“I can tell that you’re enjoying your massage, shall I continue?” Wendy could hardly believe her ears. Was this really happening?

“Please” escaped from her lips. By this point Wendy was very aroused. Her nipples were erect and aching for more attention, her pussy was soaked, her clit throbbing.

Jeff slowly removed the second sheet so she was totally naked. Then Wendy saw him approach with a towel. “Allow me cover you eyes. It will heighten your other senses.” The towel was placed so Wendy could no longer see what was about to happen. “Leave your hands at your side.”

When the warm massage oil dribbled across her lower abdomen and she could feel his fingers gently trailing from her breasts to her navel. His finger wiggled inside and Wendy spread her legs apart and rocked her hips exposing herself more.

Finally his fingers reached her wet swollen lips. She bit her lower lip as she enjoyed his gentle touch. Each of her pussy lips were rubbed with an expert touch. She could feel the oil mixing with her own juices as a finger began to trace its way into her inner most flesh. Simultaneously, his thumb rested on her throbbing clit.

Wendy had reached a state of highly aroused, yet very relaxed. Jeff worked one finger into her pussy. She moaned her approval bending her knees slightly to encourage him. He started a slow in and out motion, while starting to use his thumb on her clit. She knew where this was going and didn’t want it to stop.

He added a second finger inside of her. He also curled them and started rubbing her g-spot with each push. Wendy could not help but rock her hips up and down. Her breathing was much faster now. She wanted more than just Jeff’s fingers now. “Oh god, please, more. Please.” she pleaded.

Jeff continued finger fucking her. He was grinding his thumb on her clit. He demanded, “You’re going to have to beg for it.”

“Please, I need to cum. Make me cum.” Wendy begged.

“Is that really what you want? Or do you want more? You’re going to have to say it.”

“Yes…I need you to fuck me. Take me, fuck me. I need your cock. Please.” Wendy was thrashing around on the table. “Please!”

Teasing her, Jeff started pinching her clit between his thumb and finger. Wendy gasped at the sudden wave of pleasure that it brought. “Do you really want me to fuck you?” His fingers thrust deeper and harder into her.

“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me now.” Wendy was wild with desire.

Jeff lowered his shorts and climbed up on the table, straddling her torso. Wendy tried to guide his erection into her when Jeff grabbed her arm. “You just lie still.” He took her arms and pinned them to her sides.

Next she felt his cock slowly push into her pussy. It started out as short gentle strokes; but became deeper and deeper with each passing thrust. With her eyes still covered and arms pinned to her sides, her helplessness only increased her arousal. He thrust himself deeply into her. The base of his cock grinding against her clit. Without warning, he started pinching her nipples. He thrust into her like a machine. He fucked her for what felt like an hour.

“Cum for me,” Jeff growled in her ear. “Let yourself go.” His pace picked up, his thrusting was even harder than before. His cock seemed harder with each push. “You want to feel my hot seed.” His cock thrust deep again.

Wendy’s climax exploded inside her. As Jeff’s cock let go a lava flow of cum, her brain was flooded with feelings of extreme pleasure. Her body convulsing, she screamed “OH GOD, YES! YES!!!!!” It seemed like it just kept going. It wasn’t like several orgasms one after another, but one orgasm lasting what seemed like hours.

Finally, her body couldn’t stand it any more. “Enough…please no more.”

Jeff stopped thrusting but left his slowly softening cock inside her. “I hope you enjoyed yourself this afternoon.” He climbed off the table and pulled up his shorts. He took the towel off Wendy’s eyes.

She was totally spent. She was still enjoying the afterglow. “That was wonderful. I never expected something like that.”

“I am glad you’re satisfied with my services.” With that Jeff opened the door and said, “Take your time getting dressed. And don’t get up too fast.” He blew her a kiss and left her alone to savor the experience.”

Mmmm I could sure use a massage like this today. My shoulders and back are both very sore and a gentle yet mascukine touch would really loosen me up right about now 🙂

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