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I’m feeling sexy tonight I just made it home and slipped off my dress. I am so happy the weather is finally starting to let up some that I unpacked my spring and summer wear over the weekend.

I love the soft feeling of hosiery rolling up my legs stopping only to adjust the lace tops and make sure the seams are straight. The warm spring breeze blowing across my silky stocking legs feels amazing as they swish together and I know you like it too.

My dress blowing softly in the wind, teasing up my legs while giving you a bit of a show makes your cock throb and makes me want you to help me take each piece of slowly..sweetly… revealing all of the hidden parts of my body.

I want to feel your hands tracing up my body making me warm and wet between my soft pussy lips.

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Never Cold Where I’m From- Sensual Phone Sex With Nurse Wendy

One of the many benefits of living in the southeast- I really don’t know the meaning of true cold. Luckily for you it’s always warm where I come from ;) It’s a new year and I am in need of some 2013 lovin.

Starting January 15, the nurse will be working part time in the healthcare industry but I prefer to spend my freetime playing with YOU. The holidays have passed and with it left many new sexy items- bras, panties, lingerie pieces and heels that the nurse will be offering for sale to any interested lovers. Scented, of course ;)

As for now I am home alone, now that all of the family has made their way back to their home states and towns- I am in need of some New Year lovin regularly to make sure that I do stay as HOT and HUMID as I need to be. You should join me on the balcony with your arms around me, getting ready for the sunset and some sensual phone sex with Nurse Wendy.

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Sensual Stocking Fetish Foot Fetish Foot Job Phone Sex With Nurse Wendy

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You always wondered what nurses wear under their conservative yet form fitting attire. I’ve got a sexy skin tight satin teddy underneath my casual Friday dress and silk stockings. I know you love a woman who is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets and that is exactly what I am.

I’m quiet, sexy and elegant on the outside but so seductive in every way. My sexy sinister glances when I catch you checking me out as I walk by drive you wild! I love making your cock twitch for my long smooth tan legs and statuesque body. You can hear the soft silk rubbing between my thighs with every stride and you want to run your hands up my toned legs, spreading them for yourself. My sexy high heel fetish that I’ve teasingly dangled before your eyes showing my soft nylon wrapped foot ready to run up your leg and footjob your cock.

I want to take you into my bedroom and show you exactly what I’ve got on underneath my clothes. I want you to help me peel my clothes off piece by piece, with your mouth letting you taste the honey sweetness of my soft skin on your lips. the anticipation makes your cock throb as I gently take it in my hands, stroking your shaft soft and slow letting the rhythm of your moan guide me into pleasing you. Come spend a little time with me… Sensual Stocking Phone Sex with Wendy.

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It’s Getting Chilly Outside- Warm Me Up Phone Sex With Wendy

Wendy Lick Phone Sex Stocking Nylons Thigh Highs Fetish

Before it gets too cold outside I’d love for you to take your chance to warm me up with the hot licking and fucking I deserve.

You can join me on the back patio where i sip a glass of moscato as the chilly air seeps through the bare trees making my nipples rock hard for you to suckle.

I slide up on a table spreading my legs enough to show you my horny swollen bald slit that’s been waiting for you to get home and i run my bare stocking foot up your leg and nudge your hard cock as you stare between my legs.

I’m wet as Hell and horny for you this afternoon honey, don’t you want to take care of me?

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Forced Feminization Phone Sex- Forced Into Lingerie Under Your Business Suit

You showed up before work- you remembered as soon as you woke up this morning you had left your business suit at my place. I opened the door in a barely there, almost see thru baby pink nightie. My nipples began to harden due to the drastic change in temperature from my warm, comfortable bed to the chilly foyer where I answered your frantic knock.

I smirked softly as you rushed inside checking your watch looking for your business attire. I stood there quietly for a moment before asking you to take a seat at the foot of my bed, I knew exactly where your outfit was, ESPECIALLY your undergarments. They were in my lingerie dresser of course I thought, smiling to myself.

You were a little flustered when I returned from my walk-in with a dainty black satin bustier complete with garters and thigh highs. You began to object as I pressed my finger against your lips giving no choice but to submit to me.

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